As an end of life guide, I assist the dying in making a peaceful transition from this world. I guide the dying person, their family, friends and caregivers through the dying process.  Through education and support, I allow for more open connections with loved ones. I also help with personal, spiritual and practical issues.

My work as a guide can be just one session or we can work together over a period of days, weeks or months. I offer my end of life guide services in person, over the phone and on Skype. 

End of life issues and care are my passion so I am working to change how we view and do death in the United States. I educate, consult and speak to people about end of life issues and the need to improve the quality of care that dying people receive in the US. It is paramount that the families, friends and caregivers of the dying receive support. 

I am excited to be the hostess of Death Cafe Los Angeles. The Death Cafe movement began in England with Jon Underwood and Cafes are springing up all over the world. I host Death Cafes all over Los Angeles where we talk about death and life while enjoying the amazing food and cultures of the City of Angels. 

I share the wisdom of the dying so we may be inspired to live our best lives. These precious insights I have gained can be shared through speaking engagements.


"When a loved one is at end-of-life, naturally it is an emotional time for the whole family. This is a time to call in Betsy Trapasso. 
She has a special gift of simple and exquisite peace. She holds your loved ones hand and looks eye to eye and allows and invites your loved one to experience the through line that is soon to be traveled. Miraculously and quietly, your loved one is no longer afraid. It makes all the difference."

Viki King, Life Consultant and Best-Selling Author




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